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PROPEL PARTS.US is the premier online store for Heavy Equipment Replacement Parts. Our mission is to make buying parts affordable, fast and easy. Our headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

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Our Story

Our company was born in an African mine, where we continue to operate Caterpillar Equipment till this day. Like many machines in that region, our fleet had been in use over 20 years, resulting in a constant need for replacement parts. We never wanted to compromise on quality but buying OEM parts became too costly.

We searched far and wide, sourcing replacement parts from around the world. Although we succeeded in reducing repair costs, machine downtime increased, as many of these parts had to be replaced within a few months. Our situation became desperate, but things turned around when we discovered U.S. manufacturers, like CTP® that produce parts to the highest OEM specifications.

Our initial experience with these parts was on a 3406 engine overhaul. Upon opening the overhaul gasket kit, our mechanic cracked a rare smile and said

"Finally, you guys get me quality materials...just like the OEM kit."

Three years later, that engine still purrs, beginning a journey that took us from end user to become a world class supplier of Heavy Equipment Replacement Parts.

In the years since, we have served a diverse range of customers, from small parts retailers across Africa to constructions companies in the United States.

We are excited to make high quality U.S. replacement parts available to you through our online store. We are confident that PROPEL PARTS.US will improve your parts buying experience for years to come.